How positive actions and attitudes towards the environment can help us build a more sustainable future

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It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the current worldwide environmental, biodiversity and climate crises. These are all problems that all 7.8 billion (and rising) of us all need to tackle together; alongside companies and politicians. To many of us this idea can seem inconceivable. It can be easy to come to the conclusion of “I am one person; what difference could I make?” and that's a completely understandable reaction. I am guilty of it too and I dedicated much of my life to environmental studies.

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Recently a University friend contacted me with a difficult environmental question. She said she was creating a new kids TV programme and a kid that she knew had asked her how he could make a difference and do something to save the environment. She didn't know how to answer this and froze so wanted to cover it in her show.

For me this is a particularly difficult question to attempt to answer. Kid’s are the future and yet oftern I find that I'm unsure if we even have a future ahead of us. As a kid I never really had to think of these things and if us adults are feeling overwhelmed by all the potential doom; you can be sure that it is affecting the next generation too. So what can we say or do and do we have the power to make any difference?

Thinking back to the first few months of my Master's course; we were studying campaign material and the key message I took from this was just how clogged up our newsfeed and media is of depressing, scary and intimidating news. Shock factor campaigns used to be highly successful in getting people to act but oftern we can be so overwhemed by the amount of problems out there that none of us really know where to start or for some of us if there is any point in us even trying. We learn to filter out and ignore these stories and in terms of our mental health it seems quite a rational approach.

Our evironmental problems won't however just go away without some sort of change. We can not just burry our heads in sand wait for it to all blow over. If we do nothing there will be huge change in my life time and in the life times of future generations. Action is better than nothing even if it's a small actions that we take to reduce our impact on the environment. Sometimes we just need a little positivity and a break from all the doom and gloom…

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