A Change in direction

The future of The Bumble Life Newsletter

Hello and happy new year! I know it's late and, looking back at my previous blogging and article writing attempts, I am beginning to see that this obviously is not working.

For a while now, I have tried to write 1000, 2000 plus word articles, however every-time a life event happens, my other commitments come calling to me, and I stop. It has been quite a while since my last article for this newsletter and right now what is stopping me is Lockdown. This isn't a goodbye through as I have had an “Ah-ha!” moment.

During the 2020 lockdown… 

1) I was working as a key worker (I still am in key work).

2) My vintage business took off, as it is an online shop, however not to the extent where I could afford to quit my retail work.

3) I was working on boat repairs as my boat is my home.

All this made my life very much about work and, working in front of the general public became much more stressful for me. As a result, I shut down the blog that I had spent a year creating (to cut down on my expenses). Eventually, I attempted to come back to writing through both medium and this newsletter.

I have to be honest... I do not have the energy to consistently write 2000 word, well-edited articles alongside all my current work commitments.

This brings me to medium… medium (an online publishing platform where I publish content under the same penname, TheBumbleLife) has started to introduce a new form of content that they call short form. I find that I can regularly publish new articles that are edited, that waffle on less, and talk about more topics in a way that actually gets a point across to my readers. That is what we environmental writers want, to make a positive impact and help people make a small change or gain some knowledge because of what they have read.

It is far easier to read a short piece than to read 1000 words of unedited waffle. Therefore I am no longer going to aim to write huge articles. Instead, I am going to attempt to write something useful every day (or at least most days) that is engaging and useful. I hope to see you all in the future. Don't forget to give this newsletter a subscribe, to see where this is all going.